国产偷拍视频The Marketing and Communications team is responsible for Institute and school-based print and digital materials, as well as event promotion and publicity for CalArts' students, faculty and alums. 

In addition, we can advise on strategy and help facilitate various communications issues and projects.

Marylou Ferry
Interim Executive Director 

Evan Chang
国产偷拍视频Graphic Designer

Margaret Crane
国产偷拍视频Media Relations Manager

Stuart Frolick
Editorial Director, Editor-in-Chief

Rafael Hernandez
国产偷拍视频Photography/Video Services Manager

Elizabeth Liang
Digital Content and Social Media Producer

Julie Moon
Graphic Designer

Vanessa Roveto
Marketing Manager

Melissanthi Saliba
Front End Web Developer

Nicolas Savignano

国产偷拍视频Institute Videographer/Editor

Stuart Smith
国产偷拍视频Director of Creative Services

Debbie Stears
国产偷拍视频Production Manager

Ani Tatintsyan
Digital Content and Social Media Producer

Christine Ziemba
国产偷拍视频Director of Digital Content